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One bill for local and long distance service

Local Link calling service is an optional calling plan available to customers using the company for both Intralata and Interlata message toll service.  Plan availability is limited to customers residing in the Crossville Illinois exchange area. This plan offers customers the first eight minutes free for calls placed to the following exchange:  


Grayville (618/375)

Maunie (618/968)

National link 500 Plan is a calling plan for residential or business subscribers who subscribe to Crosslink Long Distance for both Interlata and Intralata Toll service. The plan allows a customer to use up to 500 minutes of toll calling per month for a fixed monthly price. The National Link 500 Calling plan cannot be combined with any other Crosslink calling plan.

 500 Nationwide minutes for $21.95 per month Overage minutes are just $.10 per minute

Real Savings - Up to 30% discount. Great Residential Plan.

If you make a variety of long distance calls, or the majority of your calls are at night or within your LATA (Local Access and Transport Area) choose our Real Savings Plan. You’ll receive 15% to 30% on the combined total dollar amount of your local toll, state, interstate, international, and calling card calls. It’s the preferred plan for the majority of our CrossLink customers.

Real Savings Plan

Total $ of Local Toll, State,

Interstate, International, and Monthly

Calling Card Calls Discount

$10.00 to $24.99 15%

$25.00 to $49.99 25%

$50.00 and over 30%