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Crossville Communications

POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) used to be quite simple. With the increasing complexity of telecommunications involving local, long distance, and Internet connectivity, it is important to maintain a staff of highly efficient and knowledgeable personnel who are technically skilled as well as strong on customer service. Chris, Stan, and Kyle are the backbone of Crossville Communications, and they are available around the clock to guarantee reliable telecommunications service for our customers.

Chris Birkla

Chris joined Crossville Communications in 2002 as Office Manager and took on the role of General Manager in 2016. She works closely with the Board of Directors on the planning of new network improvements. Chris strives to offer exceptional customer service and a line of products and service to meet our customer's growing need.

General Manager

Stan Rawlinson

Stan Rawlinson is responsible for maintaining our telecommunications network. In his thirty plus years of service, Stan has successfully managed the transition from a Nortel DMS10 digital switch central office switch to a Genband C15 softswitch with the latest version of telecommunications software. In today’s telephony environment, a network manager requires proficiency in computer knowledge, wiring installation and maintenance, and general network management to keep our customers connected.

Crossville Communications
The Board consists of four people of diverse business backgrounds who actively take part in the guidance and management of Crossville Communications and its subsidiaries.

Chairman of the Board and President

 Tom Rawlinson


 David M. Marlett CPA

Vice President

Mike Grisham

Vice-President of Governmental Affairs

Matt Johnson

Kyle Wood

Kyle began working in the telephony industry in 2008. He has had six years of communications experience in the United States Marine Corps maintaining networks in California, North Carolina and Afghanistan. He will assist customers both in the office and in their homes. Since working with the company he has assisted in building of our Internet system and the transition from the Nortel DMS10 digital switch to our new Genband C15 softswitch.

Customer Service and Service Technician

Network Manager

Board of Directors