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Calling Features

Your Busy Home or Office
Needs More Than A Phone ...

...It Needs A Receptionist.

Give Your
Home Phone
a New Job

...Starting Today.

What if you could hire a super-efficient phone receptionist for just pennies a day to help run your busy home or handle all the pesky calls, keep tabs on important calls...even let you know who’s calling before you answer?

Just point and click on the list of new jobs your phone can do. See some that will make your life easier? To place an order for a Calling Feature, call Crossville Communications during daily business hours at 618.966.2196 or email your order to

There’s no service call to your home or office or changes to your wiring. But if you want to take advantage of features like Caller ID, you’ll need a display phone or add-on display unit which may be purchased or leased. All other Calling Features work on all phones.

Just one phone call or email from you sets it all in motion. Because when it comes to the phone, you’re the boss.

Calling Features

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