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For quick installation please have the following information available:  

Credit Qualifications

If you cannot provide satisfactory credit information, Crossville Communications may require a deposit. Credit requirements are based on the following:

Verifying Credit

If Crossville Communications needs time to verify your credit, we will provide telephone service if an advance payment of both the charges for connection and the estimated charges for the first 30 days of service is made. If, after checking your credit, we find that it is unsatisfactory, you will be informed of the reason. We may then reserve the right to refuse to provide or continue service until a deposit is paid.

If Crossville Communications takes an application via telephone from a third party or user who will not be responsible for the payment of the bill, we must verify the third party or user’s request with the person who will be paying the bill. If that person has not been contacted by Crossville Communications or disclaims any responsibility for requesting the service within 20 days of the date of mailing of the first bill, Crossville Communications may not collect this bill. However, the users of the service will be responsible for paying for any equipment, local or toll charges billed to the account.

Billing Questions

If you have a question about your bill, contact Chris Birkla or Kyle Wood at 618.966.2196 or email at For a more detailed explanation of the taxes and access charges on your phone bill, call the Illinois Commerce Commission at 1.800.524.0795 or visit their site at .

Establishing Service